Virtual Franchise Development Office

Offering a Virtual, white-labeled franchise development office is Franchise Beacon’s specialty. We custom-tailor this program to each franchisor, A strategy about how to franchise a businessworking with your strengths and offsetting your weaknesses.  Our wheelhouse is:

  • Franchise Sales
  • Franchise Compliance
  • Franchise Operations

Using our franchise sales process, we will work with you to vet prospective franchisees while providing them the information they need to make an educated decision in an expedient manner. We understand that time kills deals, and we have an award winning franchise sales process which we have honed over many years. Using this sales process, our executives have generated in excess of $18 million for franchisor partners.

We will help you ensure that your franchise offering, paperwork, and contract negotiations remain compliant with federal and state laws. We will assist you in working with your legal counsel, helping to ensure that you don’t run afoul of franchise or business opportunity laws while still keeping your franchise legal fees under control.

We will help you develop a franchise operations program that serves the needs of both you, the franchisor, as well as your franchisees. We will help you develop a communication plan, support plan, franchise training curriculum,  franchisee business evaluation plan, as well as maintaining brand compliance through communication, demonstration, inspection, and, when necessary, enforcement actions.

There are, of course many other needs that you may have. That is why we have a network of vetted, dedicated professionals who are familiar with the unique needs of a franchisor and will offer Franchise Beacon negotiated best rates. These include

  • Franchise specific legal counsel for document creation, compliance, and litigation
  • Graphic design for website creation, sales collateral, and other marketing materials
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Franchisor-controlled VoIP services
  • Public Relations
  • Micro site Development
  • Franchisor-controlled franchisee social media
  • Franchisee capital acquisition
  • Swag and promotional items
  • Customized Point of Sale system
  • And many others