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Secure passwords through a password formula

Note: This is kind of a long article. If you just want to know how to make a unique, secure password for every site you log into, jump down to The solution
Using a password formula
So you might be wondering why a franchise blog is writing about passwords. After all, almost all of our posts talk about how to franchise a business in some way. It’s simple; regardless of your line of work, cyber security is important to you. If you are a franchisor, you likely protect your franchisees bank account information, credit card information, SSN, etc. with a password. If you are a franchisee, you likely protect your franchisor’s intellectual property, as well as your employee’s personal information, with a password. We all use them, and most people’s passwords are simply not safe. Why? There are four steps to a secure password, and I am of the opinion that, for most people, following them is impossible. Chances are you already know the four steps, so feel free to skim and then jump down to the solution if you want.
Step 1: Make it unique
This one seems obvious, but many people don’t even take this simple precaution. How do I know? Because many hacks and password dumps have shown that the top five passwords in use today are “password”, “123456”, “12345678”, “1234”, and “qwerty”. Of course, clever individuals do letter/symbol or letter/number substitution, so that “password” becomes “p@55w0rd”. This was a decent solution 10 years ago, but now this is so common that many dictionary hacking programs will try p@55w0rd before they try password! Now, to go truly unique, many people are recommending password phrases. A pass phrase would typically be something that is meaningful to […]

The Franchise Sales Process

The Franchise Sales Process
I titled this article the franchise sales process, but this process is more accurately referred to as the mutual evaluation process. Semantics is the first step to a correct mindset about this process. You see, if you are trying to “sell” your franchise, you may end up with the wrong candidates in your system! As any experienced franchisor can tell you, one “wrong” franchisee can wreak havoc in an otherwise strong system. For a young franchisor, if one of your first franchisees is not a good fit, they can devastate your system and stunt your growth for years to come. So lets agree to call the franchise sales process a “mutual evaluation process”, shall we?
The first key to a successful mutual evaluation process is to have a process! While this may seem obvious, we have interacted with many young franchisors who simply answer the phone or call the leads and talk about their brand, send out a Disclosure Document when they “feel” like the time is right, and basically provide a reactive sales experience to the candidate. The problem with this is two fold.
You are the expert
You are the expert in this business. You know (or should know) what information your candidate needs to make an informed decision in a timely manner, and how they get that information. If you are simply reacting to what your candidate is asking for, you likely will have a longer mutual evaluation process, and may well lose your clients due to lack of comfort in your brand.
You need information
Your candidate is interested in the information they need, not the information you need. However, like them, you are considering entering into a long-term business […]

Why Oursource Franchise Development

Why outsource franchise development
You may be wondering “why outsource franchise development”. The fact is that, just like any other skillset, franchising takes years to perfect. Chances are if you have spent years perfecting your business model, then you haven’t spent years perfecting ours; franchise development. There are several reasons why outsourcing franchise development makes sense.
Keep your eye on the ball
When learning a new skill, other skills may suffer. When starting a new business, other businesses may suffer. Franchising is a new skill and a new business, but it doesn’t have to make your other businesses suffer. Keep your eye on operational excellence and delivering the best possible value to your franchisees. Let your outsourced franchise development team bring them in.
Save personnel costs
A good franchise sales person will likely cost you close to $100K a year or more. A franchise executive may be ½ again as much, or even double. For a fraction of this cost, you can have access to a staff of executive-level franchise personnel. With the right outsourced franchise development team, you should receive not only franchise sales support, but also ongoing operational consulting.
Economies of scale
An outsourced franchise development company likely represents multiple franchisors. As such, they most likely have preferential buying and placement arrangements with leading franchise portals, publications, and shows.
Who do you chose?
So now you know the answer to “why outsource franchise development”! Do you think outsourcing is the right choice for your company? Great! Now the question is who to outsource franchise development to? Click here to read our article Who to outsource franchise development to. Also, if you want to learn more about how to franchise a business, check out our article on that topic or reach out!

Who to Outsource Franchise Development to

Who to outsource franchise development to
After you have made the decision to outsource, the next logical question is who to outsource franchise development to. If you haven’t already made that decision, check out our article Why outsource franchise development to decide if outsourcing is for you. To find the right company, here is what you should be looking for.
This is likely the most important consideration when outsourcing franchise development. Many outsource companies have little or no real world experience as franchisors, franchisees, or small business owners. We recommend finding a company where the leadership has experience in most of these areas, and preferably all three.
Franchisor Experience:
This lets them understand what it is like to be in your shoes. If they have made the decisions that you are faced with they can give you actual advice instead of “theory”.
Franchisee Experience:
If your franchise development team has someone on staff with franchisee experience, they know what it’s like from the other side of the isle. They can help guide you towards decisions that support both the needs of your system and the needs of your individual franchisees.
Small Business Owners:
Going into business for yourself, either independently or as a franchisee, is a major step in life, and has long-lasting consequences. As such, it can be scary! When your franchise development team has this experience, they can help guide your prospect through this decision-making process because they understand the unspoken fears.
Experience is nice, and necessary, but so are results. When you are selecting what company to outsource franchise development to, make sure they are a results-oriented company with a proven track record. That brings us to the next point:
Similar to results, the company’s reputation is equally important. Talk to […]

How do I franchise my business?

How do I franchise my business?
This is the question we hear a lot, and most likely why you are on our site right now. You are wondering, “How do I franchise my business”? The majority of our site is really dedicated to showing you how to franchise your business, but we wanted to lay out, on one page, a simple answer to this question.

So, in short form, here is the answer to the question “how do I franchise my business”?
Become an expert at your business.
If you are an owner operator, you likely often run your business reactively; when issues arise you react to them. Your current business is a sum total of those reactions. When it comes time to franchise your business, however, you have to proactively understand how your business runs. You have to know what situations a business owner in your field might encounter, and how to handle them. The first step when wondering how to franchise your business is to become an expert in your business.
Document Everything
When you ask, “how do I franchise my business”, what you are really asking is “how do I teach other people what I know to be successful in the space that I am in”? The simple answer to that is document everything. You should begin paying attention to what you and your employees do on an hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly basis and documenting every step. Don’t worry about the format, for now, just write it down.
Do a franchise feasibility study
You may wonder why a franchise feasibility study is so far down the “how do I franchise my business” list. After all, shouldn’t you determine if you should franchise your business before you start working […]